6 Foods for a Healthy Smile

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07 Oct 2022

6 Foods for a Healthy Smile
      Everyone aspires to have a stunning grin that will increase their appeal and self-assurance. In addition to dental hygiene, there are other oral health considerations. Dietary decisions can significantly improve oral and dental health if you visit your dentist every six months for a checkup. Six foods for a healthy grin are presented today.

  • Carott It is a plant with a very firm texture and a high fiber content. Therefore, carott increases salivation, which controls the pH equilibrium in the oral cavity. Avoid teeth decay and issues with limestone
  • Iron and calcium found in broccoli aid to naturally whiten teeth
  • Apple consumption promotes saliva production, which contributes to pH maintenance in the oral cavity. Meanwhile, the "malic" acid found in apples helps to lessen tooth surface stains and stop the growth of germs
  • Many nutritional benefits are thought to be concentrated in cheese. In addition to protein and calcium, which are beneficial for the health of bones and teeth. Some cheese bacteria, according to research, help lower the incidence of tooth decay
  • Strawberry, many people like the sweet and tart flavor of berry family fruits. It includes vitamin C, which aids in the treatment of scurvy, and organic malic acids that help lessen surface tooth stains
  • Yogurt's probiotics have also been shown to help maintain a healthy pH level in the mouth. Additionally, it prevents the growth of germs that lead to foul breath and tooth decay
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