5 signs that a person has this kind of "astigmatism"

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11 Oct 2022

5 signs that a person has this kind of "astigmatism"
      Did you know that 1 in 3 adults in America suffer from astigmatism, and that this number tends to rise yearly, most frequently occurring in conjunction with myopia? Astigmatism affects more than 50% of persons with eye issues. To determine if you have astigmatism or not, use the following five astigmatism symptoms.

The image is blurry or blurry all the time

You can see the light, especially at night

 Losing with the light

There is eye strain, eye strain, eye barrel pain

Driving at night is more difficult than daytimeEng6.png

      Do you believe you are experiencing any of the aforementioned 5 symptoms and are concerned about how they may affect your lifestyle in the long run? To evaluate the symptoms and do a preliminary optometry, it is advised to speak with an optometrist office or an ophthalmologist. To properly monitor your symptoms and treat your vision issues if you already have myopia and/or farsightedness, you should get your eyes examined every six months.

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