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Nursing Home

"Korat Nursing Home. In moderation with the doctor, nurses, physiotherapists and nutritionists team."
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Promotion Health care for Elderly


  • Starting price 1,500.- Baht
  • *Get 7 days of continuous care and free! one day


  • Starting price 30,000.- Baht
  • *Discount room,medicine and physical treatment 10%

Our Services

  • 5 meals
  • Free laundry
  • Doctor-prescribed medications
  • Primary physiotherapy
  • Take care of the daily routine.
  • Recreational activities
  • Analysis of nutritional conditions
  • Take care of basic hygiene such as washing your hair, shaving. Haircuts, nail cuts, and hand-foot spas, etc.

Remark :

  • Today - 31 Dec 2022
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Premarital/Pre-pregnancy Health Check-up Package

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Healthy II Check-up

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