Delivery Package

Delivery Packages



No.ProcedurePrice (THB)Promotion Price (THB)Amount Covered by Social Security (THB)
1Normal delivery (2 days 1 night)24,50019,9996,999
2Normal delivery (3 days 2 nights)26,00021,9998,999
3Normal delivery with sterilization (3 days 2 nights)29,00024,99911,999
4Cesarean delivery (4 days 3 nights)36,99931,99918,999
5Cesarean delivery with tubal ligation (4 days 3 nights)39,99934,99921,999

Remark :

  • Ratchasima Hospital reserves the right to adjust the prices of our treatments and procedures or any information at any time without prior notice.

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Upper and lower lip surgery program

Plastic Surgery Packages

Upper and lower lip surgery program

Get rid of the problem of thick and unattractive lips with the Upper-lower Lip Surgery program to be beautiful on the face. You don't have to go far to Bangkok. How is it good for having lip surgery at Ratchasima Hospital?

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Abdominal Fat Surgery

General Surgery Packages

Abdominal Fat Surgery

Abdominal fat surgery is an under-surface surgery that helps to remove excess belly skin and abdominal fat. Resulting in a firmer abdomen reduce skin problems on the abdomen, stretch marks or sagging belly suitable for people with tummy and sagging fat la

77,000 Baht
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Love Your Health Check-up

Health Check-up Packages

Love Your Health Check-up

Premarital/Pre-pregnancy Health Checkup Package

2,000 Baht
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