Why? Health check-ups are required before marriage.

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03 Feb 2023

Why? Health check-ups are required before marriage.

       In the month of love, many couples would have planned a wedding. In addition to preparing for the wedding in various aspects, there is also an important thing that should not be neglected: pre-wedding health checks, in addition to checking health to prepare for a married life, it is also considered a responsibility for the health of your loved ones. 

  • Prevent disease for lovers : If found to be a sexually transmitted disease, it is strongly advised to be cured first.ENG2.png

  •  Check the readiness of the mother: check the woman's physical condition to prepare for pregnancy. If you are not ready, you should study well about contraception for the safety of yourself and your baby.ENG3.png

  • Take care of your baby's safety: Some diseases can be genetically transmitted to your baby. Therefore, pre-marital and pre-pregnancy health check-ups are an important tool to reduce the risk of serious diseases in your baby and to be able to plan a pregnancy more safely.ENG4.png
      Having good health is not only that we do not have any manifested illnesses, but also means that there are no hidden carriers of various diseases that can be passed on to our partners or genetically transmitted to future children. Obtaining a pre-marital health check can help screen the health of the body.ENG1.png

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