What is the cause of “Pterygium" !?


01 Oct 2021

What is the cause of “Pterygium" !?

      Pterygium or pterygium It is an eye disease that can occur after a cataract. They are usually found as white, yellow or pink plaques. triangular shape Occurs around the conjunctiva extending into the black eye. Even pterygium rarely causes any problems and may not require treatment. But if the pterygium is larger or thicker to cover the black eye may need surgery because it will affect the vision of the patient.


Pterygium causes

      Although the exact cause of pterygium is not known. But there are several risk factors that may be involved. Especially those who are exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun for a long time. people with dry eyes This includes those who irritate their eyes from wind, dust, smoke, pollution or sand, such as outdoor workers, farmers, fishermen and those who live near the equator. Glaucoma usually occurs in males between the ages of 20-40, and those with fair skin or light-colored eyes may also be at risk for pterygium.

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