Did you know? Sunlight can hurt 'eyes' more than you think.

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03 Apr 2023

Did you know? Sunlight can hurt 'eyes' more than you think.

      Summer like this, the most difficult thing to avoid is "sunlight", but did you know that facing the sun for a long time will cause damage to your eyes and body? That is not only "skin" but also an important factor that can harm our eyes unexpectedly. Today we have 5 eye diseases that must be careful! when exposed to sunlight.

      Pinguecula: Caused by UV exposure, which stimulates the breakdown of collagen tissue in the conjunctiva, causing the conjunctiva to deteriorate and thicken. When a Pinguecula is large or inflamed, it may cause eye irritation, burning, watery eyes, or red eyes.


      Pterygium: The main causative factor is regular exposure to UV rays in sunlight. The conjunctiva becomes thicker and more tissues and blood vessels are formed which may affect vision and the curvature of the pupil from foreign objects in the eye.


      Cataracts: Although this disease is more common in the elderly due to natural lens degeneration, prolonged exposure to UVA rays in sunlight is another factor that causes molecular changes, causing the lens to lose its clarity when the lens becomes cloudy, resulting in decreased vision.


      Macular degeneration: UVB radiation is a factor that directly affects macular degeneration. The UVB rays will reduce the concentration of pigments. It is a risk factor for macular degeneration faster.ENG5.png

      Cancer: Staying in the sun for a long time is another cause of eyelid cancer because it stimulates the production of melanin pigment around the eyelids, causing wrinkles around the eyes and melanoma around the eyelids.


      Eyes don't have replacement parts, taking care of the eyes, taking care of and avoiding risk factors, especially "sunlight" will definitely extend the life of our "eyes" longer.


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