True or False? Grilling Food and Removing the Burnt Parts Reduces the Risk of Cancer

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15 Jan 2024

True or False? Grilling Food and Removing the Burnt Parts Reduces the Risk of Cancer

      Have you ever heard that eating burnt food can increase the risk of cancer, especially in grilled pork, barbecue pork, grilled chicken, or grilled items with burnt parts? Some people choose to remove the burnt parts to avoid "carcinogenic substances," but it's unfortunate that regular grilled food, if it's marinated and may contain harmful substances that make the meat tender, can still pose a risk even if we remove the burnt parts. Today, we have some tips on how to safely consume meat to avoid "carcinogenic substances."

  • Try changing the cooking method to steaming or boiling for variety.
  • Avoid marinated meat that may contain dangerous additives, especially meat that is at risk of being tenderized or contains red color enhancers.
  • Choose fresh and uncontaminated meat from trusted sources.
  • Trim away fat. Fat is the factory that produces cancer. When fat is exposed to heat, it turns into harmful chemicals that rise and drip onto the meat, which is then reabsorbed.

      Nevertheless, removing the charred parts can still help a little, as the important substances often found in burnt parts of food are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are relatively toxic. Don't be alarmed by this information; choosing to consume meat in moderation and increasing your intake of vegetables and fruits can reduce the risk of exposure to carcinogenic substances.



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