Tips! When to drink water? What health benefits does it provide?

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24 Feb 2024

Tips! When to drink water? What health benefits does it provide?

      Our human body consists of water as a component, ranging from 50-70%, whether it's inside cells, in various organs, the entire body's functioning system, or blood, which contains water as a vital nutrient for sustaining life at every stage and age. Drinking water frequently contributes to overall good health.

How to Drink Plain Water for Maximum Benefits?
  • Drinking water should be clean, free from contamination. If it's bottled water, choose trusted brands with certifications like FDA/GMP or HACCP.
  • If drinking tap water filtered by a water purifier, choose one that meets standards and remember to replace the filter when due. 
  • Water should ideally be consumed at room temperature because the body doesn't need to adjust its temperature, but in certain activities, like after exercising, drinking cold water can help lower body temperature and prolong exercise duration.
  • Drinking tea, bubble milk tea, beer, or liquor cannot substitute for drinking plain water. These beverages tend to dehydrate the body more, besides having high calories, which can lead to obesity.

Tips for Drinking Adequate Amounts of Water Suitable for Your Body:

      Some people drink eight glasses of water a day, while others drink three liters a day. However, the key tip today is to drink water in an amount suitable for each person's body. The calculation method is to use body weight x 30 = daily water intake (milliliters). For example, if the weight is 57 kg, then 57 x 30 = 1710 milliliters. This means that a person weighing 57 kg should drink at least 1.7 liters per day or about 2 liters.

Tips for When to Drink Water? What Health Benefits Does it Provide?

  • Glass #1 - Immediately after waking up: Drink room temperature or warm water before bathing and at least 30 minutes before breakfast to wake up the body and stimulate bowel movement.

  • Glass #2 - One hour after breakfast: Helps the body fully awaken and prepares for daily activities. Drinking water 45-60 minutes after eating does not interfere with digestion.

  • Glass #3 - Before lunch: 30 minutes before meals to prevent feeling hungry or overeating.
  • Glass #4 - One hour after lunch: Helps the body absorb nutrients and burn energy efficiently.
  • Glass #5 - Around 3 PM: Helps reduce drowsiness and increases alertness.
  • Glass #6 - 30 minutes before dinner: Helps reduce dinner intake, suitable for weight control.
  • Glass #7 - One hour after dinner: Helps moisturize the skin and should be drunk before taking a shower.
  • Glass #8 - Two hours before bedtime: The last glass of water helps repair the body during sleep and ensures a comfortable rest.



      Drinking adequate water daily is something everyone should do regularly because it's beneficial. It allows the body's metabolic system to function properly, aids in skincare, digestion, and efficient nutrient absorption, helping to delay aging. Adequate water intake also aids in weight loss.


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