Tips! How to drink water safely in hot weather

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02 Apr 2024

Tips! How to drink water safely in hot weather

     April is the hottest month in Thailand. Besides coping with the heat, health concerns arise, particularly regarding dehydration. Water is crucial for our bodies, comprising up to 70% of our composition. Sweating profusely in the heat leads to water loss. Insufficient water intake can cause dizziness and darkening of the face. Here are tips for safely hydrating in the hot weather:

  • Sip water gradually throughout the day to avoid excessive fluid loss. Drinking water frequently during the day instead of consuming large amounts at once is best.
  • Room temperature water is ideal. While cold water may seem refreshing on hot days, drinking water at room temperature is better for maintaining bodily balance.
  • Drink according to your body's needs. Our bodies have different requirements, so it's advisable to calculate how much water you need per day based on your weight. The formula is body weight x 2.2 x 30/2 = recommended daily intake.
  • Avoid overdrinking. Consuming too much water at once is not beneficial and can strain organs such as the digestive system, kidneys, and bladder.
  • Choose appropriate times for drinking. Drinking water in the morning after waking up is advisable, but avoid excessive consumption before bedtime to prevent frequent trips to the bathroom.

      The benefits of plain water are numerous, including preventing osteoporosis, muscle relaxation, improved sleep, mental clarity, and cholesterol reduction. However, many dislike its tastelessness and opt for sweetened alternatives like sodas, milk tea, coffee, fruit juices, or sweetened water. While these drinks may be enjoyable, making plain water consumption a habit contributes to better health

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