The Double Eyelid Surgery Techniques and How to Remain Your Eyelid Beautifully


07 Feb 2022

The Double Eyelid Surgery Techniques and How to Remain Your Eyelid Beautifully

      At present, apart from aesthetic purposes, surgery helps build confidence in those who do as well as eyelid surgery, whether you have a single eyelid problem or flagging eyelid causing an aged look. Although it is a small surgery, we should study the details of various information well, especially about taking care of yourself, precautions and complications. Therefore, we bring you the technique of double eyelid surgery with tips for taking care of yourself after surgery.

Techniques of eyelid surgery

  • Epicanthoplasty

      In eyelid surgery, epicanthoplasty is a procedure to eliminate the "Mongolian fold" in order to widen to the inner corner of the eye. As a result of surgery, the eyes will look slender and bigger, and give a lively look. However, there is a limitation. Once the Mongolian folds are eliminated, the eyes will not be able to surgery into the previous form.

  • Eye muscle surgery

      Eye muscle surgery is a procedure to correct eye muscle imbalance to a proper position. This will help the eyes move correctly.  In addition, it will encourage your personality better for those who are with unequal eyes from congenital weakness in the eye muscles. However, this surgery has a limitation because the wound will heal more slowly than other eyelid surgery techniques.

  • Mini-incision technique blepharoplasty 

      This eyelid surgery technique performs through a tiny incision on the eyelids. Besides, it is the least invasive surgery on the eyelid tissue with not much swelling and bruising after surgery.

  • Full-incision technique blepharoplasty

      It is similar to the mini-incision technique but this technique incision is longer so that the crease can be sutured all through the length of an eye without exiting the excess eyelid, which is suitable for people who have a lot of fat on their eyelids. Although the wounds are more visible and swollen longer, the chance of ptosis is less than other techniques.


How to treat yourself after eyelid surgery

  1. After eyelid surgery, you should apply a cold pack immediately to reduce the swelling for 20 minutes and get rest for 20 minutes, alternately. Do this continuously after the first 48 hours of the surgery. Then do it only 2-3 times a day.
  2. In the first 24 hours of the surgery, there may be some bleeding. Use a clean gauze cloth to blot it out together with the cold pack.
  3. Take all medications as prescribed by your doctor.
  4. Sleep on a high pillow during the first 48 hours after surgery, and avoid sleeping in a prone position during the first week of the surgery.
  5. After the eyelid surgery, avoid rubbing your eyes and touching around the wound. To clean the wound, use soaked cotton balls in clean water and gently blot around the wound.
  6. Avoid wearing eye makeup, eyeliner and wear contact lenses after the eyelid surgery in the first 3-5 days.

      Now, we have learned the technique of eyelid surgery along with the appropriate care methods after the surgery. Importantly, do not forget to look for information and research on standardized hospitals and specialists in specific fields before making decisions on any treatment.


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