Is it true or not? Eating "chicken" makes breasts bigger

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18 Jul 2023

Is it true or not? Eating "chicken" makes breasts bigger

    Chicken is a popular food for people of all ages and is considered good for health. This is because chicken meat falls into the category of white meat, which is easily digestible protein with low fat content and does not cause weight gain. However, regarding the belief that eating chicken leads to larger breasts due to hormones in chicken, we have an answer for everyone today.

    The trend of eating chicken to increase breast size has led many people to believe in it. In response to the truth behind this rumor, the Ministry of Public Health officially announced that the protein in chicken does not have any effect on breast enhancement. The body absorbs protein primarily for muscle building rather than affecting the hormone acceleration that leads to larger breasts. Therefore, the news claiming that eating chicken increases breast size is not true.

    Furthermore, there is another important reason to confirm that chicken does not contain growth hormones that contribute to breast enlargement. Information from the Department of Livestock Development states that chicken meat from industrial and standard chicken farms undergoes quality control and production monitoring, ensuring that hormones are not used in the farming process.

Information source: TCIJ



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