How long does it take botox to work


04 Jul 2022
How long does it take botox to work ?
      Botox injection, It’s one of the first options for people who want to adjust their face shape or want to reduce wrinkles. Because it's convenient. The treatment procedure is hassle-free. It’s not hurt and it's fast to recover. As a result, Botox injections have continued to gain popularity. So today, we have a way to extend the life of BOTOX to last longer.
  • Move the injection areas
    Whatever jaw lowering injections reduce wrinkles after botox injection is completed. Let us immediately move to the injection site. To allow Botox to spread into the muscles and act more well.
  • Avoid contraction
    You should be avoiding touching, pinching, squeezing, pressing, kneading and clutching. The area where Botox has been injected will affect the distribution of botox substances. This allows movement to unwanted muscles.
  • Keep away from alcohol drinking
    You should keep away from alcohol, including fermented foods, as alcohol increases circulatory function and causes Botox to deteriorate faster. Fermented foods in some cases can cause swelling more easily.
  • Refrain from laser treatment.
    You should avoid all activities that are hot or high temperatures. For example lasers, sauna, steam or overdosing exercise for about 2 weeks after injection. Because, the heat causes the muscles to contract and relax faster. The result, the botox injected moves to other muscles that we don't need.
  • Take a Zinc
    Some studies have suggested that eating foods containing with zinc before and after botox can be helped to keep Botox more active. that helps to keep the results of Botox injections lasting longer.
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