Get to know before Breast Surgery ! What’s differences of Motiva and Mentor silicones ?

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20 Dec 2022

Get to know before Breast Surgery ! What’s differences of Motiva and Mentor silicones ?   

      Nowadays, breast surgery is very popular at the top of surgery. The purpose of which is different. Whether, it's lifting your breasts from sagging, decorating your nevus, fluffing the floor with your own fat. It is very popular to increase breast size with silicone. Today we have the differences of Motiva Silicone and Mentor Silicone, Let's tell you more.

      Motiva silicone is a trending freshman silicone. It has been around since 2010. But, it spread very quickly and is popular in more than 60 countries. Especially, Korea is a leading country in the surgical industry that  including Thailand, until now, Motiva is the top breast augmentation option.

  • It is very flexible, making it look like real breasts and feel very similar to the real thing.
  •  Non-sandy and smooth surfaces This reduces fibrosis and reduces infections, inhibiting the occurrence of biofilms.
  •  Due to its high elasticity, it can be put through very small wounds.
  • The smooth, tight, but the elastic texture due to the fact that silicone gel is almost full of silicone leaves than 90% of which heals the skin with breast from the inside.


       Mentor silicone has been a leader in the industry for more than 50 years, certified by the FDA & MHRA for over 20 years of medical information. Over 97% of patients appreciating the soft silicone touch are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Smooth surface type The advantage is that it has a very softness. It is easy to insert silicone into the body. Not injury to tissues causing wounds to heal quickly and fast recovery.
  • Sandy surface type The appearance of the skin is rough, like a small layer of sand around it. The advantage is that fibrosis is harder to form than smooth skin, and thicker silicone skin makes it difficult to break.
  •  It has the same edges throughout the silicone, making it suitable for patients who want to fill the upper part of the chest. It needs to be large and add more eye-catching beauty.
  • Water droplet shape This type of silicone is designed to resemble natural milk texture. The top is phoebe.But, the bottom is getting bigger and bigger until the silicone end that making it suitable for patients who want a natural breast shape. Doesn't look too big.



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