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12 Jul 2022
Worth every minute for your life. (Emergency Medical Operations Team)
      Is it better to have someone to take care of by your side? When there is an unpredictable emergency. Every minute is precious to life. MERT Team Ready to help you just immediately and timely.

      MERT (Medical Emergency Response Team), It is an emergency service unit with mobility in terms of personnel and Medical device materials tools. They can leave for missions when requested. or command. The high potential performance, that can save their lives in emergency accidents.

  • Just have the Act, don't reserve to pay.
    In case of road accidents, whether it’s a car or a motorcycle. If you have a policy book that can be maintained continuously in the amount of 30,000 to 80,000 baht. We already serving and maintain in all cases.
ทุกนาทีมีค่าต่อชีวิต-ชุดปฏิบัติการแพทย์ฉุกเฉิน 1040(2).png

  • We receive patients in the center of 1669 units or their request.
    We provide emergency assistance to injured persons outside of medical facilities. We have saved lives, sorting of patients and providing first aid.
ทุกนาทีมีค่าต่อชีวิต-ชุดปฏิบัติการแพทย์ฉุกเฉิน 1040(3).png

  • Provide transportation of patients from one service point to another.

    who have to travel across provinces and districts as the patient or relative wishes when necessary

    transporting patients for treatment, etc.

ทุกนาทีมีค่าต่อชีวิต-ชุดปฏิบัติการแพทย์ฉุกเฉิน 1040(4).png

Calling Amburance :

  • Tel.044-263777 Ext. 109
  • Tel.089-8458613
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