What contact lens wearers should know

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28 May 2022
What contact lens wearers should know to protect their beautiful eyes from the risk of blindness.
      Do you know? If you wear non-standard or uncleaned contact lenses, it can cause problems that affect your eyes.
      Today, Ratchasima Hospital has 3 things that contact lens wearers should know to keep their beautiful eyes safe for everyone.


      Maintaining cleanliness of contact lensesis important Therefore, always wash and dry your hands before touching contact lenses. Contact lenses should be rinsed with a contact lens solution because it will help eliminate germs that may be harmful to the eyes.


      Should not be worn continuously for more than 8 hours per day. Wearing too long can cause dry eyes and irritation.

      Contact lenses should be removed every time before bedtime as this will reduce the risk of infection in eyes from the accumulation of germs and bacteria, wearingwhile still asleep It can scratch the cornea, which is difficult to heal and can result in vision loss.
      Contact lenses are available in both fashion and vision correction solutions to meet different usage lifestyles. Users should study the information before making a purchase. In order not to cause harm to your beautiful eyes.
      Admin believes that every girl wants to have beautiful and clearly visible eyes. If you experience eye irritation or inflammation, you should consult a doctor to help relieve your concerns and get treatment.
      With love and care from Ratchasima Hospital.

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