Differences between Botox vs Filler

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18 Jun 2022
Comparison of differences between Botox vs Filler
      Many girls, when staying at home for a long time, may face skin problems such as wrinkles, deep grooves. No matter how much you apply the cream, it still doesn't get better. Today, Ratchasima Hospital has a difference between Botox and Filler, a facial solution for everyone.
  • Botox contains Botulinum toxin type A, which helps in reshaping the face and reducing wrinkles, suitable for injections on the frown, crow's feet, jawline and forehead.
  • Filler contains natural substances such as hyaluronic acid to help fill the deteriorated collagen fibers, suitable for those who have deep skin problems around the cheekbones and under the eyes.

      However, the choice of Botox and Filler products must be certified by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for safety in treatment.
      For anyone interested Beauty program, free consultation! via line of Ratchasima Hospital Hospital or consult with a medical professional directly. (service fee 300 baht.)

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