7 ways to survive the crowd crush

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02 Nov 2022

7 ways to survive the  crowd crush

       Itaewon crowd crush while celebrating Halloween. The incident caused many tourists to squeeze and step>crowd crush.

  • Before entering a venue such as a concert hall, look for exits, especially emergency exits. Because when there is an emergency, people tend to flee to the entrance.
  •  When people around you start to crowd, get away from that spot as quickly as possible. To move in the direction of light people or maybe find a way to climb onto the wall.
  •  If it's too late to escape, try to keep your balance. Because in such a situation, people would crowd together so tightly that they could fall and could be trampled to death.
  • The people who died from crowd crush. Most of them are caused by suffocation. Avoid screaming to control your breathing.
  •  If crowd crush becomes more intense, raise your arms to protect your chest, similar to a boxer's guard. to prevent pressure on the ribs
  •  You should allow yourself to flow in the direction the crowd is moving. Along with balancing the body to be stable not to fall.
  • Try to stay away from obstacles, walls, fences, or other hard objects, as most of the first deaths are caused by being crushed into the wall.

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