7 tips, How to prevent dengue virus

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19 Jul 2022
7 tips, How to prevent dengue virus ?
       During the summer and rainy seasons, they have intermittent thunderstorms. This is often the time of many outbreaks of disease. One of them is dengue fever. Which no one wants to be, especially for children. Today, we have seven tips for How to prevent dengue fever.
  • Eliminate the aedes mosquito :
    It's been raining for only a few days or periods. It's causing flooding in many places, whether in containers, sump or pits in the ground. When the rain falls, you should get rid of waterlogging that can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Sleeping in mosquito nets :
    When you sleep with a mosquito net. It helps you avoid mosquitoes’s bite when you sleep.
  • Wearing a tight clothing :
    If the area has a lot of mosquitoes. You should be dressed with a long-sleeved shirt, trousers that will prevent to mosquitoes’s bite.
  • Growing plants helps you to drive out a mosquitoes :
    If you have enough space, many kitchen horticulture plants. It can help drive out some mosquitoes. Just keep rubbing the leaves, letting the smell from them come out. Whether it's citronella Thyme, peppermint, arachnid leaves. There are also geraniums, lavender and rosemary.
  • Home improvement :
    You should check the door and window’s joints. if there are holes that should be repaired successfully. You must have installed wire mesh on the doors and windows to protect some mosquitoes and insects.
  • Use mosquito sprays or lotions :
    You should apply mosquito spray and lotion to your skin that can help drive out mosquitoes's bite.
  • Smogging to drive out some mosquitoes :
    Spraying smog to drive out some mosquitoes, that will help reduce the amount of mosquitoes. Spraying smog can break the epidemic in the cycle of dengue fever.
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