7 health trends for the year 2567 focusing on "Eat Well, Be Happy"

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09 Mar 2024

7 health trends for the year 2567 focusing on "Eat Well, Be Happy"

      In this new year, many people may set goals to take better care of their health, whether through exercising, consuming nutritious foods, or improving lifestyle habits. And in the year 2567, the trend of eating for health continues to be strong, but what has changed is that more Thai people are paying attention to sustainable living. Today, we have 7 health trends for the year 2567 focusing on "Eat Well, Be Happy" to share with everyone.

  1. Eat Well, Delicious, Focus on Quality: Emphasizing controlling daily food intake to manage weight and ensure appropriate nutrition. Modern consumers pay more attention to good ingredients for health.
  2. Nutrition Label Awareness: Reading ingredients and nutritional values to make informed decisions when purchasing products to ensure genuine health benefits.
  3. Health Supplements: As Thai society ages, people are paying more attention to health supplements, especially those that help with muscle and joint recovery.
  4. Cooking and Making Drinks at Home: Cooking at home caters to Thais' increasing concern for healthier ingredients. Using seasonings to enhance flavor or simplifying cooking processes for convenience.
  5. Green Food, Environmental Awareness: Reducing meat consumption and focusing on plant-based foods.
  6. Using Technology for Physical and Mental Health: Increased use of health apps for analyzing eating habits, calorie counting, hydration tracking, sleep aids, or online health consultations.
  7. Wellness, Physically and Mentally Strong: This is evident from the popularity of running events in the past 1-2 years and the increasing emphasis on mental health, rewarding oneself with massages, spa treatments, or seeking counseling or therapy for a better quality of life.

      It's clear that the health trends of 2567 focus on nutrition and dietary care, taking care of both physical and mental health. If anyone experiences any abnormalities, don't hesitate to see a doctor for early treatment. Chiang Mai Hospital wants everyone to have good health #HealthyTogether, holding hands and going towards good health together.

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