6 things to do before a Pap smear

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18 Feb 2023

6 things to do before a Pap smear

      Pap smear test is a method of screening for cervical cancer. The doctor will use a device to pass through and a vaginal speculum, then smear the cells from the uterus to send to the laboratory for abnormal or altered cells that may cause cancer. Here is 6 things you should know before going for an internal examination. 

  • Cleaning the vaginal area
    : only wash the outside, no need to wash the inside. Most importantly, you don't have to apply powder or spray to deodorize.
  • Wear loose skirts or pants
    : to help the examination go faster
  •  Avoid menstruation period
    : because the uterus can be easily infected.
  • Do not shave
    : some diseases must be diagnosed by looking at the appearance of hair in the genital area.
  • Abstain from sex
    : Abstain from sex for about 48 hours in order to make the examination more effective.
  • Don't douche the vagina
    : it may cause the part that causes the disease to be washed away, causing the doctor to be unable to diagnose.

      For those who are going to have an internal examination, don't forget to get ready and don't forget to check your health in other areas as well, because if you check your health regularly, you will be able to prevent from bad disease.


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