6 Suspicious Symptoms, Risk of “Dementia"

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20 Oct 2021

6 Suspicious Symptoms, Risk of “Dementia"

  1. Poor short-term memory, such as forgetting the date of appointments, forgetting things often, repeating things, asking repeatedly, not knowing the time and date.
  2. Language defects, such as calling the names of things and names of people who have never heard or loss of understanding of language.
  3. Confusion of directions, such as driving and getting lost in a familiar path Or get lost when going out alone.
  4. Can't do complex tasks, such as unable to create plans and workflows, not easy to calculate.
  5. Mood swings, such as unreasonable depression, irritability, aggression, hallucinations.
  6. Personality has changed, have a strange belief or behavior that is not appropriate for the situation, such as suddenly laughing loudly.

Found that people close to them are at risk of dementia

  • Contact a medical professional to diagnose the cause
  • Keep an eye on symptoms and closely monitor them.
  • Encourage brain-training activities such as Sudoku games, etc.

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