5 risky behaviors for 'kidney stones'

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01 Mar 2023

5 risky behaviors for 'kidney stones'
      Kidney stones are another major cause of kidney dysfunction. It can be found in all genders and ages, but is most common in the age range of 30-40 years. If you have back pain, frequent urinary tract infections, severe abdominal pain, painkillers do not relieve it. You should see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment, because if left untreated for a long time, it may cause infection until the kidneys become damaged, kidney deterioration and chronic renal failure. Here is 5 risky behaviors of 'kidney stones' for everyone.Genetic factors by people with a family history of kidney stones are higher than normal family members.

  •  Behavior of drinking less water causes urine to become more concentrated and lead to the formation of Kidney stones.
  •  Not eating enough calcium. When the body lacks calcium, it will accelerate the intestines to absorb calcium back and cause kidney stones.
  • Conditions of overactive parathyroid glands and certain diseases such as chronic inflammatory bowel disease obesity and diabetes
  • Hold urine for a long time and move less

      Kidney stones are caused by precipitation of various substances in the urine until they crystallize and accumulate long enough to form stones in the kidneys. Based on many triggering factors such as narrowing of the urinary tract and recurring urinary tract infections. Kidney stones can be caused by a variety of risk factors including environmental, metabolic, genetic, lifestyle and diet.


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