5 good things you get after "Donate Blood"

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10 Jun 2023
5 good things you get after "Donate Blood"
      The happiness of being a "giver" is a great thing that can greatly enhance our own sense of self-worth. Donating blood is considered a form of giving that anyone can do. But did you know that besides giving to others, there are also many good things that you will receive in return?
  • Happiness: Donating blood is an act of helping others in need. You will experience a sense of joy and satisfaction from knowing that you have contributed to improving someone else's life and being part of building a better society.
  • Free health check-up: Medical professionals may conduct health screenings for you, such as blood pressure checks, blood component analysis, or other assessments to ensure that you are in good health.
  • Stimulates new blood cell production: The bone marrow will be stimulated to produce new blood cells, leading to improved blood circulation.
  • Reduces the risk of various diseases: Donating blood not only helps reduce the risk of different types of cancer but also lowers the excess iron levels in the body, which is a factor in developing conditions like "blocked heart arteries" and "sudden cardiac arrest."
  • Radiant skin: Donating blood can contribute to clear, glowing skin and help improve your overall physical appearance, including a slimmer physique.

       "Blood donation" is the act of voluntarily giving excess blood that your body doesn't need to patients in need. It is not harmful to the donor and can be done every three months. Blood donation is a significant and beneficial action that can change and save the lives of others.

Source: Thai Red Cross Society National Blood Centre


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