4 tips, who wants 'twins' to do this way Single photo

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11 May 2023

4 tips, who wants 'twins' to do this way Single photo
      Having twins is a popular wish for spouses or families who are ready enough. With being pregnant once but having 2 cute babies at the same time, according to research, it is found that twin pregnancies naturally have a chance of only 1 in 250 of pregnancies. Here is 4 tips for moms who want to have twins.

1.Eat foods that contain calcium.

      Research by Dr. Gary Steinman suggests that mothers who drink more milk than usual are 5 times more likely to have twins.


2.Continuous breastfeeding

      In another study, pregnant women continued to breastfeed their first child. When the second pregnancy are more likely to have twins than mothers who do not breastfeed

3.taking birth control pills for more than 3 years

      Mothers who have been taking birth control pills for 3 years, when they stop taking the pills, they will ovulate more. Therefore, the possibility of having twins is more likely.


4.Consume folic acid

      Research from abroad has found that folic acid contributes to more twin pregnancies. However, folic acid is still essential for expectant mothers to take it early. At least 3 months before conception

      As natural twin pregnancies can be difficult. One of the most popular methods that can help are injections to induce ovulation and in vitro twinning with medical techniques. But it may also cost a lot of money. For mothers who are ready, can contact a specialist doctor for advice.


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