3 positions on the face of 'physiognomy' are all about being fortunate!


11 May 2024

3 positions on the face of 'physiognomy' are all about being fortunate!

      Who says plastic surgery is just about beauty? Chinese physiognomy, a study of facial features, suggests that our facial features can impact our lives significantly. "physiognomy" is a Chinese physiognomy term that emphasizes the importance of a clean and balanced facial appearance. This concept goes beyond superficial beauty; it indicates that a balanced and clean facial appearance boosts confidence. Today, we have three facial features that contribute to "physiognomy," meaning auspicious and prosperous! Because we want you to be NewlookNewyou, presenting a radiant beauty!

  • Eyes :  They are like the windows to the soul. Even without explicit signs, you can tell a lot about a person from their eyes. People with bright, sparkling eyes, who smile with their eyes, are generally positive, optimistic, and have a good outlook on life. They radiate positivity, have a good heart, good intentions, and wisdom. When you view the world positively, you tend to succeed in life, be it in health, wealth, or love.



  • Nose : The nose is a crucial part of the face. Its shape can indicate personality traits, thoughts, emotions, spiritual power, and even wealth. A good nose should be straight along its length, regardless of its size. It should be firm and full, not overly thin, and it should not have a pronounced dip or overly small nostrils.



  • Mouth : A well-shaped mouth should be full, plump, and have proportionate, moist lips. The corners of the mouth should be lifted or naturally upturned, resembling a slight smile. According to physiognomy, people with such features tend to have a positive outlook, negotiate well, be financially successful, and have charm. Conversely, less favorable features include an imbalanced mouth shape, thin lips, downturned corners, or overly narrow lips.



      While this interpretation is based on personal beliefs, if it brings comfort, it's not harmful. Moreover, if positive changes occur in life, it's akin to hitting two birds with one stone. That is, being beautiful and wealthy. However, when considering facial adjustments, it's essential to consult a trusted and skilled physician who can design your face appropriately, neither too much nor too little, every time.




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