Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Packages



No.ProcedurePrice (THB)
1Nipple reduction9,500
2Augmented mammoplasty (Mentor implant)69,000
3Augmented mammoplasty (MemoryGel Xtra Breast implant)83,000
4Augmented mammoplasty (Motiva Implant)93,500
5Augmented mammoplasty (Mentor Implant) + Mastopexy85,800
6Augmented mammoplasty (Motiva Implant) + Mastopexy110,000
8Breast reduction and mastopexy86,000
10Forehead lift60,500
11Mid face + Neck lift77,000
12Full face lift (forehead, cheeks, neck)99,000
13Ala - resection9,500
14Rhinoplasty (excluding revision rhinoplasty)12,000
15Upper blepharoplasty12,000
16Lower blepharoplasty12,000
17Upper + Lower blepharoplasty23,000
18Upper lip/horn chestnut-shaped lip surgery9,500
19Lower lip surgery9,500
20Upper + lower lip surgery18,000
21Chin augmentation7,000
22Dimple surgery7,000
23Treatment for melasma, dark spots, freckles, and seborrheic keratosis with size of 5-10 cm (Buy 4 treatments, Get 1 Free)13,200
24HIFU face lift30,000
25Male circumcision for patients aged below 18 yearsFrom 25,000
26Male circumcision for patients aged 18 years and olderFrom 15,000
27Removal of penile foreign bodyPrice depends on surgeon’s diagnosis and evaluation
28Gender reassignment surgeryPrice depends on surgeon’s diagnosis and evaluation

Remark :

  • Ratchasima Hospital reserves the right to adjust the prices of our treatments and procedures or any information at any time without prior notice.

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COVID-19 Screening (RT-PCR test)

Covid-19 Screening Packages

COVID-19 Screening (RT-PCR test)

Currently, there are more convenient and more accurate methods for detecting COVID-19. RT-PCR or Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction is a swab to collect upper respiratory secretions for analysis in a laboratory (Lab).

2,300 Baht
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Abdominal Fat Surgery

General Surgery Packages

Abdominal Fat Surgery

Abdominal fat surgery is an under-surface surgery that helps to remove excess belly skin and abdominal fat. Resulting in a firmer abdomen reduce skin problems on the abdomen, stretch marks or sagging belly suitable for people with tummy and sagging fat la

77,000 Baht
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Delivery Package

Delivery Packages

Delivery Package

Ratchasima Hospital offers various packages and promotions for a range of health care services corresponding to your needs.

19,999 Baht
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