Allergy screening packages

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Allergy screening packages
"Itchy rash, coughing, sneezing, don't know why"


Allergy Screening for Inhalation Allergen 

  • price 3,000.- baht (22 items)


Allergy Screening for Food Allergen  

  • price 3,000.- baht (23 items)


 Allergy Screening for Food and Inhalation Allergen 

  • price 5,000.- baht (45 items)


  • Terms and conditions apply by the hospital.
  • From today - 31 December 2023
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Make you more beautiful…more than ever

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Cataract surgery package for Civil Servants Scheme

Government Officer Medical Benefit Packages

Cataract surgery package for Civil Servants Scheme

Restore vision to come back bright again” Cataract Surgery Package For Civil Servants Scheme

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Abdominal Fat Surgery

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Abdominal Fat Surgery

Abdominal fat surgery is an under-surface surgery that helps to remove excess belly skin and abdominal fat. Resulting in a firmer abdomen reduce skin problems on the abdomen, stretch marks or sagging belly suitable for people with tummy and sagging fat la

77,000 Baht
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