Abdominal Fat Surgery

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Abdominal fat surgery

      is an under-surface surgery that helps to remove excess belly skin and abdominal fat. Resulting in a firmer abdomen reduce skin problems on the abdomen, stretch marks or sagging belly suitable for people with tummy and sagging fat layer after childbirth or through weight loss until the abdomen is very slack.


Abdominal fat surgery package.

  • Price 77,000.- baht.

*This price includes hospital stay for 3 days and 2 nights.
**Does not include medical fees and service fees before surgery.

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Cataract Surgery Package

Government Officer Medical Benefit Packages

Cataract Surgery Package

Cataract Surgery Package For civil servant rights. Not reservations required.

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Forehead Lift

Plastic Surgery Packages

Forehead Lift

Restore youthfulness to the face and open up a pair of beautiful eyes forehead lift program That will help the skin to come back to firm again.

50,000 Baht
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Gold Face Mask

Beauty Packages

Gold Face Mask

Concentrated gold mask. Special formula at Ratchasima Hospital. Urgent facial care make your face clear from the first time you use it. Solve shabby skin problems, reduce blemishes, reduce dark spots, help absorb dirt and control oiliness on the face.

299 Baht
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